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Pratyaksh Rajbhatt is making it big in the Bollywood Town, Mumbai.

Pratyaksh Rajbhatt (center)
with Shivam Bihari (left), Uday Singh/Yunan (right)

Life was throwing curve balls at him not too long ago. In India, someone afflicted with a learning disorder will be automatically equated with incompetence and low chances of employability. This guy is 23 and has already struck gold bagging back-to-back two films. 2019 was his breakthrough year with two major Bollywood projects – Mardaani 2 by Yashraj Films, and Blank starring Sunny Deol in the pipeline. It has put him on the Bollywood map. However, it has rather been a bumpy ride for him.

Meet the latest kid on the block, Pratyaksh Rajbhatt from the city of Mumbai. Losing his grandmother at the age of 15 was more than a bummer. This was different from the average teens losing their grandparents to senility. She was the first to recognize the actor lurking in him. She was the pillar of support who pushed him into acting and her untimely demise could have derailed his career before it could even begin but our guy showed resilience and slowly climbed up the ladder as he went on to do daily soaps on TV.

He played blink-and-miss roles in Kasam on Colors TV and Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus. He was also seen in D4 Get Up and Dance. He is a passionate musician and can play a solid number of instruments that cannot be counted on fingers besides being a songwriter as well. He wrote Bhore Bhore, produced by Sony Music India.

Playing son to Sunny Deol in Blank was a turning point in his career short career till now. It has been 7 years since he joined the industry, working from the age of 16, and already charting his own course in the film industry. He has theatre background as he still performs at the Prithvi theatre to keep alive his appetite for acting. With a strong acting foundation to propel him forward, he has an untitled film lined up to release this year as he hopes for a change of fortunes.

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