Deepesh Sawant

Mr. Deepesh Sawant is the Co-founder & Executive Director of Aramy Realty L.t.d. Sawant’s innovative approach has helped the business foray into several fruitful ventures. He has also been key to shaping the Marketing. He is passionate about technological innovations & strives to improve the customer experience at every stage. Deepesh is also the co-founder of Okbronetwork, which is lately taking over the digital media and have worked with various celebrities & personalities from the Bollywood industry.

Deepesh Sawant is one of the inspiring and young entrepreneur of india .At the age of 24 he has been a part of the foundation and forming member of the most prestigious Dqdasheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards & today Dpiff has achived a benchmark in the Film and Bollywood industry .He is a director at Okbronetwork which is one of the finest Celebrity Management / Digital Marketing solution company. Deepesh Sawant is known for his creative mindset and exuberant working skills.

He is gifted with the ability to come up with calculative organized solutions for complex management problem. Along with the excellent professional skill he has he is also known for his passion for music. He is known as Dope when it comes to his musician persona!

Sawant’s team say’s that “he has an excellent leader as he has lead a helping hand and has been a strong support and a foundation for many young creative minds who wanted a chance to show up their work he has as been an ideal for them and they fell fortunate enough to work with him”.

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Shivam’s Nair with Sakshi Chopra
at Mumbai Achievers Award 2019.

Shivam Nair, A Sailor who is always the topic the of topic. Shivam Nair, was been spotted partying with Instagram superstar, Sakshi Chopra on his 26th birthday on 16th February 2020 in what appears to be a private hangout.

In a picture sighted by us, the merchant mariner and official advisor of Ministry of Hip Hop Inc, India is seen in a private party having fun with the stargirl at an unknown location in Mumbai, India. He was last spotted at Dadasaheb Phalke Awards (Dpiff) 2019, Mumbai with Entrepreneur Shlok Nair.

Shivam Nair is also the elder brother of Shlok Nair, a young Entrepreneur whose been making headlines recently on various Page 3 articles. Shivam Nair is also the legal advisor for Okbronetwork which is making it big in the town of Bollywood, Mumbai. 

Our sources confirm Nair is back in town to complete his future studies to become a Sea Captain. In a nutshell, one can call this individual who is all set to create his own history!

Okbronetwork awareness banner
for COVID-19.

Businesses across the world are coming to terms with the revelation that daily procedures are quickly changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your company has temporarily halted all business or has decided to implement a telework routine, how you approach your digital marketing presence should be adjusted in response to this current health crisis. Message tones, current campaigns, and the effect that the pandemic has on your industry should all be carefully considered before posting or sharing digital content. Here are a few tips on navigating your digital marketing presence during COVID-19:

Show Support for Other Businesses

Regardless of the industry you work in, several businesses are getting hit equally as hard — if not harder — as yours during this pandemic. Companies across the globe are utilizing social media to inform others of their current pain points due to the government’s mandatory shutdowns. Many small businesses are currently seeking loans to help cover payroll, bills, and fixed debts. Luckily, the power of the internet has helped spread messages from establishments in need. One of our clients, Annett Bus Lines, posted a Youtube video describing their total halt in revenue due to a 15-day suspension of motorcoach travel. With the help of customers, friends, and other organizations, the video was shared to the point where it grabbed the attention of Governor DeSantis. The Florida state governor was able to provide assistance to the motorcoach company, with a recognition of their need powered by shares, likes, comments, and posts.

In trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic, we must rally together and acknowledge priorities other than promoting business. Major companies are backing their workers and fellow small businesses by waiving fees on services, providing employees with sick leave, and offering free meals to those in need. For some inspiration on how you can make an impact, check out this list of fifty ways that companies are leading the charge in giving back during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be Mindful of Your Tone

The beauty of social media during this pandemic is its ability to build camaraderie through digital platforms. A change in routine, different work settings, and social distancing have been tough for many. But there is a level of hopefulness in knowing that we can and will continue to communicate with each other with the help of the internet. The tone conveyed by businesses and individuals has varied, but it is important to remain optimistic while not making light of the situation when navigating your digital marketing presence during this time. While all businesses are not expected to provide their two cents on the virus, there is nothing wrong with posting or sharing messages on the pandemic’s secondary effects that you do have some expertise on. To show solidarity, the Ironistic team shared our tips on working from home. With many employees moving to telework, we felt it was our duty to help out fellow workforce members and provide insights gained from working as a remote company. What tips or messages can your company share during this period of change and uncertainty?

campaign — their current effort to keep small businesses afloat. Through this campaign, any Uber Eats or any other food delivery customer who orders from a local restaurant in India can expect zero delivery fees.

Inform Customers of COVID-19’s Effects on Your Industry

The continuation of business during this unprecedented ordeal varies across industries. Companies that conduct a good amount of business online have been able to shift to teleworking, while some small restaurants have resorted to shutting down temporarily. However, this pandemic is affecting your business or industry overall, be sure to share announcements with your customers. This could mean pinning a banner to your website, sending out an email blast, or posting on social media platforms. Notifying customers of your business’ current tweak of processes will relieve any panic they may have, and alert them of limitations in services before they decide to pick up the phone and inquire. Even if your business hasn’t seen much change as a result of the pandemic, it’s still a good idea to recognize this crisis and show your support for those who are ill. A simple email or social media post will remind customers that you have their backs — and that your company values much more than just its bottom line.

Abhishek Agrawal

Born and brought up in India, this Fashion and Fitness Model has crossed Milestones with his dedication and hard work to reach upto where he is today. Currently residing in London is one of the role models for many. With his stunning looks and jaw dropping body fitness does inspire others with life goals.

He is even a Watch model , which is very much prevelant from his gorgeous pictures. He even keeps a knack in cooking his own healthy meals which are really easy and great to follow for healthier lifestyle. Being a gymnast he is super flexible and also plays National level Football in India. He is very adventurous and loves to experience all kinds of sports and is a huge fan of Supercars as well. With his tremendously photogenic physique and pictures he has achieved such good work and name as a Model, and his pictures does leave us awestruck and each and every one of them is clicked by him, and that shows us a talented photographer. And with these amazing shots he also has a knack in Filming too.

He even has a dream fitness plan and helps other achieve their body goals at reasonable rates. Even during his free time he does social work in the NGO’s back in his hometown and helps the ones in need. People should follow such individuals and get more inspired to do better in life.

Pratyaksh Rajbhatt (center)
with Shivam Bihari (left), Uday Singh/Yunan (right)

Life was throwing curve balls at him not too long ago. In India, someone afflicted with a learning disorder will be automatically equated with incompetence and low chances of employability. This guy is 23 and has already struck gold bagging back-to-back two films. 2019 was his breakthrough year with two major Bollywood projects – Mardaani 2 by Yashraj Films, and Blank starring Sunny Deol in the pipeline. It has put him on the Bollywood map. However, it has rather been a bumpy ride for him.

Meet the latest kid on the block, Pratyaksh Rajbhatt from the city of Mumbai. Losing his grandmother at the age of 15 was more than a bummer. This was different from the average teens losing their grandparents to senility. She was the first to recognize the actor lurking in him. She was the pillar of support who pushed him into acting and her untimely demise could have derailed his career before it could even begin but our guy showed resilience and slowly climbed up the ladder as he went on to do daily soaps on TV.

He played blink-and-miss roles in Kasam on Colors TV and Mere Angne Mein on Star Plus. He was also seen in D4 Get Up and Dance. He is a passionate musician and can play a solid number of instruments that cannot be counted on fingers besides being a songwriter as well. He wrote Bhore Bhore, produced by Sony Music India.

Playing son to Sunny Deol in Blank was a turning point in his career short career till now. It has been 7 years since he joined the industry, working from the age of 16, and already charting his own course in the film industry. He has theatre background as he still performs at the Prithvi theatre to keep alive his appetite for acting. With a strong acting foundation to propel him forward, he has an untitled film lined up to release this year as he hopes for a change of fortunes.

Shlok Nair
Dadasaheb Phalke Awards
Shlok Nair a.k.a NAIR

Shlok Nair is a 21-year-old entrepreneur/celebrity manager & a musician from Mumbai, India. Seems like he is skillfully going to make his big move by presenting his talent and skills on the successful platform named Roadies, a show featured on MTV. Getting on to the current scenario it requires a lot of audacity to present yourself in such a platform.

MTV roadies is one the successful Television reality show running from the past 14 years and is most hyped and popular among the youth of our country. Seeing its popularity and cut-throat competition, youngsters do prefer to choose this platform for themselves and now Shlok Nair a.k.a NAIR seems to be going to make a big move in this game. Nair has already worked with celebrities as he was a part of Dadasaheb Phalke Awards (Dpiff)

He is soon going to release his music debut in Bollywood town soon. Lately, he was working as an Event-Operation/Celebrity Manager for Dadasaheb Phalke Awards (Dpiff) and has managed various known faces from the Bollywood industry.

But it’s just the beginning of his long journey.

Best Of Luck NAIR.

Omkar Chavan

Omkar Chavan is a young entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. Digital Marketing looks easy, but it is not, you have to update yourself daily to stay in the competition continually. Omkar Chavan, Technological/I.T head for Team Okbronetwork is a new name in the digital marketing stream in Mumbai, India. Omkar & Team Okbronetwork is blessed with digital and technical heads who know how to utilize the content for an individual or a company, which can help them grow their business.

Many top names in digital marketing believes Okbronetwork’s effective way of Influencer marketing is advantageous, and we will definitely see Okbronetwork at the top of digital marketing experts in India. Omkar has worked with various influncers and musicians in the town of Bollywood, Mumbai.

The most important part of the branding & campaigning is being able to target the right audience. Once you know your target audience you can then leverage your influence to become an authorized figure or a brand. Since he knows how to expand business through digital marketing and media influencing skills with his clients & Okbronetwork is a name you need to be on the lookout for yout Social Media Growth.

In a nutshell, one can call this individual who is ready to set his own history.

Vinay Singh with Sahil Khan
at Dpiff 2019

Vinay Singh is one of the most inspiring and youngest entrepreneur of India. At the age of 24 he has been a part of the foundation and forming member of the most prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke International Film festival Awards today Dpiff has achieved a benchmark in the acting industry  because of the creative and hardworking young team he is into Vm advertising industry where major fashion and retail brands are working along with him like Pantaloons, Superdry, sugar, Van Huesen, Allen solly ,etc

He is a the director at Okbronetwork which is India’s one of the finest Digital Marketing & Celebrity management company owned by Shlok Nair. He has also been a supportive part of 9th Element Production for major Global level shows. Vinay Singh is known for his creative mindset and exuberant working skills. He is gifted with the ability to come up with calculative organized solutions for complex management problem. Along with the excellent professional skill he has he is also know for his passion for fitness and maintaining his charming looks he has been a center of attraction for being  a workout buddy with the body building sensation of India Sahil khan.

Vinay Singh’s team say’s that “he has an excellent leadership quality and has been a strong support and a foundation for many young creative minds who wanted a chance to show up their work he has as been an ideal for them and they fell fortunate enough to work with  him”.

grptalk is an audio conferencing app that lets you talk to a group of people from anywhere, and at any time. 

Entering PINs, delayed joining times, zero member visibility, and call drops! Traditional conference calling has been blighted by these problems for too long. It took a brave idea, solid planning and a team of dynamic individuals to successfully develop a solution that would simplify conference calling, and solve all the problems of traditional conference calling.

grptalk’s “mobile first” approach , along with its dial-out capability, enables ‘instant conferencing’ directly from your phone, much like making a regular telephone call. We believe grptalk will change how people conference call across multiple locations!

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Can you name one industry that has not accepted the virtue of technology? I think there is no such business spared by the experts.

Technology has eased the ways of doing business. The entrepreneurs are taking advantage of making money and are experiencing improved revenue graphs. In the past few years, the car wash industry is one of the businesses that has crossed the boundaries in terms of making money, reaching to their customers, making new and loyal customers, and improving their level of services.

Those who are very much into this business or are heading towards car wash business to offer car detailing and related services- it is important to read this article. Before moving to the benefits let’s explain the car wash booking application in brief. 

What is a Carwash Booking App?

It is the online solution that allows the car wash and service center owners to offer different cleaning services through online solutions. The authorized clients can choose the services through their smartphones. The owners just need to give directions and certain instructions to the cleaning staff. The car wash app enables the cleaning staff to offer the services directly to the client’s house. 

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of creating car wash software.

Benefits of Developing Car Detailing App– 

Car wash apps offer correct information regarding services– For an owner it is very important to broadcast the things that are available. It is seen many times, that just because of miscommunication between the service provider and client certain conflicts arise and the results are generally bear by the owner in terms of losing revenue or profits. 

The problem is solved by the online vehicle cleaning application as everything is written over the screen- they just need to click the required service package. 

Each package includes a detailed version of information like time taken to clean a vehicle and what kind of services are required under each category.  

It is Helping in Saving Various Resources– In today’s world, nobody has time. It is the most important thing and irrespective of the profession (customer or service provider, cleaning expert/washer), everybody wants to save it and use different measures to save it. 

Who would like to stay in the queue to get their car washed that is on the weekends or on the holidays. The apps allow everybody to save their timings. Admin can change the plans and add the services at any time, clients can choose the cleaning services, and the washers can accept or reject the request at any time of day or night- no matter what the time is. 

Therefore, instead of taking a car from home to the cleaning center, the customers can save the timings easily.

It Helps in Saving Precious Time- Time is precious, nobody wants to waste it, especially the ‘working class’. In this modern world, almost everybody is working and they have limited time to enjoy life. 

Everybody wants to get their car to be washed and fully cleaned whenever they reach the service provider’s place. The online options have added the quickness in the life of the service providers. 

Customers just need to choose the appropriate package as per the requirement. And then they just need to pick their vehicle toward the customer’s address to clean their vehicles. The whole procedure of cleaning a car hardly takes a maximum of one hour. 

An Excellent Way For the Service Providers to Accomplish the Target Clients– To locate customers that are valuable for one market but not for another one is very important and difficult too. A car wash application helps in locating and reaching the targeted audience. 

Moreover, it helps in binding them and making them loyal customers for the next services too. Here, the features play an important role in accelerating the number of customers. 

For example- discounts, code and coupon options can make a difference in terms of getting the customers. Everybody just loves to get services by paying less.

Online Billing/Multiple Payment Options- Online payment is an amazing option that enables everyone to pay online through multiple payment options and the owner can get the money directly into the account. 

Some of the common methods of car wash are- cash, card payments (credit cards, debit cards, etc), mobile payment gateways, etc.  

There are different platforms for which applications can be developed. It is up to the service provider to which platform to choose from to develop the application. To know the best answer to your queries, I would recommend you to discuss your requirements with the EXPERTS.