Top Recruitment Best Practices for 2019

As we continue moving into 2019, recruitment best practices take the best of what trended in 2018 and incorporate new approaches, underutilized sources of talent, and new technologies. This can include using classic marketing strategies, placing emphasis on employer branding, taking an inbound approach to recruiting, or utilizing an applicant management system, such as The Applicant Manager.

Use Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Make Use of Social Media

Social media continues to be a major player in recruitment for 2019, and it’s still underutilized. As social media evolves, with platforms going in and out of favor, so too should your recruitment processes

Employ Inbound Recruiting

Inbound recruitment is an offshoot of recruitment marketing, in that the recruiter increases brand awareness in order to move the candidate into the recruitment marketing funnel.

Focus on Employer Branding

Employer branding is an essential element of marketing to candidates. Long before a candidate becomes interested in an open position, they become aware of the brand. This is why excellent employer branding is so crucial; if the brand is identified as negative in any regard, the candidate’s mindset is against the employer even before the recruitment process has a chance to begin.

Enhance Candidate Experience

The candidate’s experience during all the stages of recruitment plays an important role in how far they will go in the process. Candidates who enjoy a positive experience are more likely to continue through the recruitment marketing funnel, more likely to apply, and more likely to make favorable referrals to your company.

Utilize an Applicant Management System

The Applicant Manager (TAM) is a Software as a Service platform that allows HR personnel, recruiters, and hiring managers to easily source, manage, and onboard new employees.

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