The real innovations at Apple’s iPhone 11 event were the prices, not the products

During Apple’s iPhone even Tuesday, the biggest applause breaks weren’t for the iPhone 11 Pro’s triple camera or the Apple Watch’s always-on display. They weren’t for Jason Momoa in the See trailer or the iPhone 11’s Night Mode. Rather, they were for the slides that are usually met with murmurs or outright silence: the prices.

Out of nowhere, Apple stopped being the company that sets the bar for the high end. Instead, it undercut Disney with its Apple TV+ streaming service, bested Google’s Stadia with Apple Arcade, delivered more iPad for the same price, and—the biggest surprise of all—trimmed the price of the iPhone 11 by $50 across the board. And that’s not to speak of the free year of Apple TV+ you get with basically any Apple device purchase.

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