The Best Pill Organizers for Storing Your Medication and Supplements

Color pills and capsules in and out of pill organizer
Levente Fazakas

Whether you’re trying to keep your supplement regime straight or have pills a little more serious than a Vitamin B stack to track, a pill organizer can help you stay on top of your routine.

It can get confusing when you need to take lots of pills each day, and pill organizers are the perfect antidote. Spend a little time arranging your medicines for the coming week (or even month with some organizers), and you won’t worry about missing your pills.

We’ve taken a look at pill organizers big and small, and even one with a timer. Whatever your situation, there’s a great pill organizer for you.

Best Overall Organizer: Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer ($10)

Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer

Colorful and easy to use, the Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer is ideal for most people. Each day is a different color with boxes for morning, noon, and evening medications. Whether you’re traveling for a few days or just want to slip a single day out to keep in your bag so you can take your noon and evening pills away from home, the design is convenient.

Additionally, the compartments use snap lids, so your pills are kept secure at all times. That means there’s a little more effort involved if you suffer from hand issues, but it’s still reasonably straightforward to do as the boxes are a reasonable size. Nothing about this pill organizer is fiddly or awkward. For most people, this is the ideal solution.

Best Monthly Organizer: Ezy Dose Monthly Medtime Pill Planner ($12)

Ezy Dose Monthly Medtime Pill Planner
Ezy Dose

If you like to be super organized, it’s convenient to have a pill organizer lined up for a month in advance. The Ezy Dose Monthly Medtime Pill Planner is the organizer for you. Each week of the month is color-coded, so it’s easy to see which week you’re on.

The compartment lids snap shut, so all your medication is stored safely and securely without any risk of spillage. There’s room here for several pills in each compartment, depending on the size of them, so you don’t have to worry about cramming in many medications at once either.

Best Travel Organizer: Lewis N Clark Organizer ($12)

Lewis N Clark Organizer
Lewis N Clark

When traveling, a big plastic container is rarely convenient to pack away. Instead, use the Lewis N Clark Organizer for trips away. It offers 16 individually labeled clear pouches to store your medication in. Each of the pouches has a slide-locking closure mechanism to avoid spills with an adjustable fastener securing the entire thing safely. Unlike the compartment lids on hard plastic organizers, the chance of any of the pouches popping open is practically zero.

The pouches aren’t labeled with days of the week, but they are numbered so you can follow them according to which day of your vacation you’re on. There’s extra room for a medical reference card too, which is great in an emergency, especially if you’re traveling alone.

Best For Large Pills: Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer ($35)

Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

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