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Feeling Stuck

Back in Feb. of this year I was given the job of being a recruiter at my job. We needed a recruiter and because i'm techy savvy ta da I was picked! I never recruited but I was up for the challenge. I have no problem cold calling, sending emails, text messages etc. etc. I'm

List of Job Boards

A Job board is a website that deals with jobs and employment sector. In a Job Board employers post job requirements for a position to be filled and candidates apply for jobs Benefit of a Job Board is that it allows employers and jobseekers to get in touch with each other https://ejobsitesoftware.com/list-of-job-boards/ submitted by

Experience first or Education

Hi, I have one and half years of experience working for a oilfield servicing company, I also have a masters degree from a reputable university in the US. I plan on attending my college career fair this year for a new opportunity. What should come first on my resume? My experience or my education? Thank
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