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Noob recruiter here

Hello 😁 Noob recruiter here with limited XP. What advice do you have for someone looking to enhance their recruitment skills? submitted by /u/Krishnamurti_6656 [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers https://ift.tt/2JFIEZv https://ift.tt/2HlE3Jc

Have you found it useful for recruitment to hook up with HR professionals on linkedin ?

As a recruitment consultant, i have generally avoided doing my business via Human Resources, and prefer to work directly with managers, and only deal with their human resources department as and when required. For breaking clients, have you ever actually got any decent breaks by hooking up with Human Resources department employees on linkedin ?

Recession in staffing

Hello all, I am reaching out to experienced recruiters who have worked in a recession market. I just started my recruiting career, the market is booming right now…. but my question is how does recruiting change when the economy hits a recession? Is it harder or is it the same? Layoffs? Thank you. submitted
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