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Lead the Charge of Social Change

Technology isn’t just for corporations with deep pockets to peddle their wares to consumers looking to solve a problem, relieve a pain, or satisfy a desire. Read more: https://www.tomspry.com/lead-the-charge-of-social-change submitted by /u/tom_spry [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers https://ift.tt/30BQ43y https://ift.tt/2HlE3Jc

5 Ways Hiring a Recruitment Agency Can Benefit Your Business

The value that a recruitment agency will provide you goes beyond costs, time-to-fill, and cost-per-hire. A company specializing in recruitment services will bring critical resources and latest technologies to ensure successful hiring of the best talents in less time and in your budget. https://www.perito.co.in/5-ways-hiring-a-recruitment-agency-can-benefit-your-business/ submitted by /u/abhishek_perito [link] [comments] from Tips and

CRM Expert starting my own business

Hey guys, I'd like your advice, I'm thinking of starting a business that consults businesses on how to use Bullhorn (CRM) better. I've got five years experience using Bullhorn in the industry as a CRM administrator and project manager. I think there is a big opportunity here as most smaller recruitment companies don't have a

UK’s Leading Recruitment Agency

Volt EU is a leading Recruitment Agency. Our team are highly experienced in the Life Science, IT and Engineering industries and will work with you collaboratively to fill jobs across the UK. submitted by /u/martinalex1 [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers https://ift.tt/2k0tLVk https://ift.tt/2HlE3Jc

[Hiring] Network Architect | Seattle, WA

Location: Seattle, WA Salary: Negotiable DOE Knowledge: Windows Servers (Advanced), Linux Servers (Advanced), Mac OS (Intermediate), VMware/VSphere (Intermediate), basic scripting https://jobs.nextaff.com/job/NEXTUS552/Network-Architect submitted by /u/NEXTAFF_PDX [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers https://ift.tt/2XRuWVd https://ift.tt/2HlE3Jc

Any quick online courses available?

I’m starting an apprenticeship next month, I want to hit the ground running. If anyone knows of any courses that are short and cheap, for beginners, would be great appreciated!!! submitted by /u/mjb_b [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers https://ift.tt/2lfeobU https://ift.tt/2HlE3Jc

Hiring Bias in AI

Hiring bias in AI? If you're in the world of recruitment and talent acquisition, this is the best 7 minutes you'll spend today. Fantastic look into how machine learning works in recruitment, and points to consider in everyday application and execution. https://www.survivalofthebestfit.com/ submitted by /u/coordineatgraham [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for
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