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HR and recruitment chatbot

Hey, folks! Are you tired of spending time on sorting applications that don't even reach requirements? We’ve collected our best tips and case studies on #recruitment #chatbots bots for #Messenger so you can harness their power for your #HR team or #agency. https://blog.chatfuel.com/how-to-build-a-facebook-messenger-chatbot-for-hr-and-recruitment/ Check this article. I am sure it will be useful 😊🤖💙

Employment Agencies In UAE

Recruitment offices are outside firms who proceed to discover contender for businesses. The Recruitment and Employment Agencies in UAE – the business' solitary perceived exchange body for selecting organizations. submitted by /u/SarahPruitt78 [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers http://bit.ly/2w90Elp http://bit.ly/2UlrIwd

Recruiting for Outside Sales Positions

We have 40+ open outside sales positions and are currently primarily using LinkedIn and Indeed for sourcing candidates. I know unemployment is low but it seems impossible to get any candidate flow. Any tips/tricks? What seems to attract people to these type positions the most? Are we looking in the wrong places? submitted by

Totaljobs v Reed for candidate recruitment?

Hi Everyone! ​ We're a Software Agency based down in Brighton looking to start building development teams around our client's projects. We've been attempting to source technical candidates without much luck. Tried to used Indeed (Both CV Database & Job posting) which is absolutely awful. So we're looking investing more into a slightly more robust

CRM recommendations

What are the best recruitment CRM systems available? I'm looking for advanced import features. So I just throw in CVs and it will populate a database as accurately as possible. Ideally online based. Anyone got any recommendations? submitted by /u/dharma_dalmation [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers http://bit.ly/2LDBtSo http://bit.ly/2UlrIwd

Starting a recruitment agency

Hey guys looking to start a recruitment agency in Canada, I want to meet up with an accountant wondering if anyone has any suggested questions i should ask them submitted by /u/EZSALEM [link] [comments] from Tips and advice for Recruiters & Employers http://bit.ly/2HeckcP http://bit.ly/2UlrIwd

Best Recruitment Agency in Abu Dhabi

An experienced recruiter is the best professional a company can approach to take care of their staffing needs. They help the candidates to sharpen their interview skills. There are many reputed recruitment agencies in the UAE, among that one of the best recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi is the Adecco which has been rapidly growing
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