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A Guide to Hiring iOS Developers

Where to Hire, How Much to Pay, What to Consider The demand for mobile application developers grows year after year. iOS developers aren’t an exception. Sometimes it’s very hard to find and recruit the right person who’d become an effective member of a project or a team. In this article, I’ve tried to give you

Recruiting Automation & Chatbots: Moving Talent Acquisition Technology Forward

  Since publishing this piece about consolidation in talent acquisition, the trend continues to reach across the space. Recently, we saw three programmatic vendors (Appcast, ClickIQ, and Perengo) picked up by three unexpected acquirers (StepStone, Indeed and TMP, respectively), followed by the announcement on the recruitment marketing side that Recruitics purchased KRT Marketing. These successive

Employee Monitoring – Creepy of Useful?

  More and more, our data is being used in ways that we don’t completely understand.  From Facebook to our credit score, it’s unclear who knows what and what we can actually do about it.  Now, companies are starting to use data to monitor employees throughout the employee lifecycle. Vyopta, an Austin-based tech startup providing

The Beginner’s Guide to Recruitment Analytics

The Beginner’s Guide to Recruitment Analytics HR is under increasing pressure to justify the ROI of recruiting today. As HR embraces the idea of data-driven decision-making, the recruiting function stands the most to gain. After all, very few HR functions have the same kind of bottom-line impact as recruitment. However, traditional recruitment metrics often fail

Recruiting Gen Z: Five Lessons Learned from Y 

Arguably the most scrutinized lot of the last 12-15 years, Millennials are sick and tired of being talked about publicly. Since entering the workforce, they’ve been bad-mouthed every which way imaginable, accused of living off their parents (who, cough, raised them), overconsuming their share of avocado toast and killing off everything from bar soap to
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