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Recruitment Notice

Citizens may view recruitment notices that may be of interest by specifying the Department and Dates between when the notice may have been published online from National Government Services Portal https://ift.tt/2KuT2k0 https://ift.tt/2h2gZkT


MSME SAMPARK is online Placement Portal for MSME Technology Centre Trainees, helping employers to post job openings, & facilitating candidates to apply online for the available openings, in effect ensuring smooth process of hiring right until the interview process from National Government Services Portal https://ift.tt/2PVzfis https://ift.tt/2h2gZkT

Employment Arunachal

Department of Labour & Employment, Arunachal offers an Employment Bank that serves as an interactive platform among three parties namely the "job-seekers", the "employers" and the "placement agencies" to enable online enrolment of job-seekers, employers and educational institutions. Job-seekers can search for suitable employment as per their qualification, & institutions can help deserving candidates apply
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