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Thinking Outside the Box to Source a Diverse Candidate Pipeline

In a recent webinar titled Inclusion in Action: How to Source Diverse Talent, our speakers shared their best strategies and tips to build a more diverse candidate pipeline. They reviewed some tried-and-true platforms tactics, like using LinkedIn’s People Also Viewed section and recruiting from underrepresented communities on GitHub. But they also shared some phenomenal out-of-the-box

Why a Billion-Dollar Retail Company Hires for Heart and Resume, and You Should, Too

It seems everywhere I turn lately, people are having honest discussions about talent in line with business. Take the most recent podcast episode Boss Files with Poppy Harlow, for example. Her guest was jewelry designer and billion-dollar business owner, Kendra Scott, and I was excited to hear how much of their discussion revolved around interviewing

How UCSF Created a Candidate Experience that Feels Like the Ritz

What do stellar candidate experiences and seamless implementations have in common with the Ritz Carlton? To find out, we sat down with Jay Budner, Executive Director of Strategic Talent Development at UCSF, to discuss why a white glove approach makes or breaks these two important critical components to your hiring experience. from Lever blog https://ift.tt/2F8tE1T
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