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The Only Problem with Cloud Cameras Is the Cloud

Amazon, Sabphoto/Shutterstock Cloud-connected cameras are convenient and easy to use. They’re also chock-full of features that (obviously) use the cloud, which can be problematic. Before you purchase one, you should know the benefits and pitfalls. The Problem Is the Cloud Two great doorbells, but their best features are locked to the cloud. Google, Amazon Google,

How to Stop Spammers From Attacking Your Google Calendar

Spammers have found a way to add unwanted phishing and scam events to people’s Google Calendars without their permission. Here’s how to stop spammers from adding things to your calendar without your permission. As detailed on OneZero by How-To Geek’s former Editor-in-Chief, Whitson Gordon, Google Calendar (by default) shows event invites whether the user has accepted

Do I Need to Rake My Grass Clippings?

Raihana Asral/Shutterstock When you’re done mowing the lawn it’s time to rake and bag your grass clippings, right? Not so fast. Leaving the clippings behind is good for your lawn—if you do it correctly. Rather than throwing the bagging attachment on your mower or investing the time in raking the whole lawn and bagging by

The Best USB-C Cables You Can Buy

Anker USB-C cables are the new standard for charging laptops and mobile devices, not to mention their capabilities for data and video. But they’re not all created equal, and getting the right cable is crucial to the application. Here are the best options available. The Best Overall Cable: Anker PowerLine II+ Anker’s Powerline series has

How to Update the VLC Media Player

The VideoLAN project releases regular updates for the VLC Media Player. These updates add new features and fix bugs, but can also include important security patches that help protect your PC or Mac from attack. VLC automatically notifies you of new updates when you open it, but it doesn’t automatically install them. Here’s how to

Which Apple TV Model Should You Buy?

jorik/Shutterstock Apple TV is the only way to get iTunes content on your TV. It also offers access to all of the popular streaming services. But which model is best for you? The Apple TV Models ymgerman/Shutterstock You can buy an Apple TV in either HD or 4K, and the 4K is available in two
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