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5 reasons you should use tech recruitment software

When used effectively, talent assessment tools can have a major impact on key performance indicators (KPIs),  such as cost-to-and time per-hire, hiring managers’ satisfaction, employee retention, performance, and engagement.” –Aberdeen Group Study (May 2015). We could not agree more. The same study reveals the following: Businesses that use talent assessment tools are 36% more likely

10 steps guide on how to manage remote teams

Technology has been an enabler at workplaces. With the advent of solutions such as the Cloud, employers are now empowered to hire and manage a workforce that is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar offices. Gone are the days when organizations had to follow an office-based work culture and suffered losses when the employees couldn’t make

How to hire a developer for a startup

With the world accepting the fact that every company now is a tech company, no matter what its size or what product or service it offers, hiring the best developers is crucial to survival. “Be really picky with your hiring, and hire the absolute best people you possibly can. People are the most important component
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