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Hackers Can Easily Pentest Facebook Apps With New ‘Whitehat Settings’

To help the whitehat hackers easily test the security of its homegrown mobile apps, Facebook has launched a new feature called Whitehat Settings. This setting is applicable for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps for Android; it’s currently unavailable for iOS platform. The company expects that whitehat hackers will use this feature on their accounts to hunt bug bounties.

LockerGoga: The Dangerously Changing Face Of Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware which encrypts the user’s file until he/she does not hand over a designated sum of ransom. However, the recent iteration of the infamous malware known as LockerGoga Ransomware could have catastrophic effects in the digital as well as physical space. The first instance of the dangerous LockerGoga ransomware surfaced in January 2019. Hackers

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Review: Portability Meets Decent Performance

Apart from offering the amazingly-priced smartphones with an amazingly-prepared spec sheet, Xiaomi also competes in the audio accessory arena. Among the various affordable options it provides us with, the company has recently unveiled the Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic, priced at just Rs 1,399. As Bluetooth-enabled earphones are popular enough to become an apparent music
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