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Indian Phone Makers Think GSMA Is Biased Towards Chinese Companies

Ever since Chinese smartphone makers entered India, they have taken the mobile world by storm and dethroned major Indian companies, thanks to all the well-specced smartphones with really affordable prices. As Chinese companies continue to rule, Indian smartphone manufacturers allege GSMA (an international body taking care of telecom operators globally) is biased towards them for their

Facebook Bans Far Right — “White Nationalism and White Supremacy Synonymous”

The biggest Social Media platform, Facebook announced that it no longer separates the terms ‘White Nationalism’ and ‘White Supremacy.’ In an official statement, Facebook revealed that they have been in regular discussion with experts on race relations and members of civil society regarding the issue of race-related hate speech. In its first move, Facebook avoided the

Apple Is ‘Sorry’ For Persisting Issues With MacBook Keyboards

MacBook Pro keyboards have always found themselves amidst criticism from users for reliability issues and failing keys. Apple redesigned butterfly switch keyboards over the years to resolve the issues, but it seems that the company’s efforts have not reached fruition. Apple has now admitted that even in the third generation keyboards, the issues are persistent and
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