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Recruiting Chatbot ROI

I feel very strongly when it comes to People professionals using hard core business cases and ROI to demonstrate the value they are bringing to the organization. I think time and again the People Ops function is overlooked despite the obvious benefits we bring to the company. This dynamic exists in part because HR is

Teamwork: Lessons from Apple, Yahoo and LinkedIn

Learn valuable lessons on teamwork from leading companies such as Apple, Yahoo and LinkedIn! Effective teamwork: The key to success and growth Effective teamwork is the secret behind the growth and success of the most successful companies in the world. Teamwork is an incredibly important ingredient of the ‘successful business’ recipe. Take companies such as

3 Must-Know ‘W’s of Modern Talent Management

Businesses are experiencing a change in the way they work. What is the cause of this transformation affecting the organizations? Well, the answer is exactly what you are thinking! It’s the advancement of data automation and artificial intelligence that is changing the way organizations perform tasks. According to Mercer, 99% of organizations are preparing for

PLC Programmers, Controls & Automation Engineers

After two decades of staffing for PLC programmers and Controls & Automation Engineers I have, met, employed and made many great relationships within the industry.  Employers who have hired Black-Peak Engineers and Technicians have also provided some great feedback.    If you are currently seeking related Automation & Controls talent, look me up on LinkedIn

Top 5 Online Candidate Assessment Platforms

Choose the best candidate quickly and effectively by using one of these top 5 online candidate assessment platforms! Why do companies use candidate assessment platforms? 82% of companies use some form of candidate assessment testing, according to the recent Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research report. Testing candidates help companies ensure that their job candidates really

Top Global Trends in IT Consulting Landscape

Global IT consulting is such a huge industry that it’s estimated to be worth over $250 billion in 2016. There are many reasons for the year-on-year growth but digital technology, mergers and consolidation, and effectiveness are among the major drivers of the industry. Let’s explore more from Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs https://ift.tt/2FVj0vM https://ift.tt/2NTleNU
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