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How Can You Be Happier At Work?

https://www.oakstone.co.uk/new-blog/how-can-you-be-happier-at-work Being constantly happy at work might not seem attainable however being happier certainly is! Follow these simple steps to become happier at work! 1.       Focus on personal development Being good at your role doesn’t only make it easier but also make its more enjoyable. Take the time to develop yourself by continuously learning!  LinkedIn

5 Simple Ways To Create A Super Team

https://www.oakstone.co.uk/new-blog/5-simple-ways-to-create-a-super-team Super teams are not easy to create and even harder to sustain. It’s obviously a challenge for a lot of businesses and developing a winning culture isn’t going to happen overnight, but with these 5 tips you can get your business on the path to success: 1.       Set goals, beat them and celebrate it

Why You Should Never Ghost Your Recruiter…

https://www.oakstone.co.uk/new-blog/why-you-should-never-ghost-your-recruiter As a candidate, recruitment consultants spend a lot of time qualifying you, coaching you for interview, giving you feedback and trusting you to put the effort in to get the position you originally said you wanted.  Candidates ghost recruiters all the time.  What’s the big deal? – there is always another candidate, right? Well,

How To Improve Your Candidate Experience

A candidate experience during the recruitment process can be the difference between getting a superstar over the line or not.  As competition for talent increases, jobseekers are becoming ever more selective about the role they are applying for.  A great candidate experience can reflect greatly on your company which will increase the chances of people

Ageism In The Workplace

https://www.oakstone.co.uk/There is often a misconception that ageism is pinned to the older workforce – those who are over 50 experiencing unfavourable workplace rules or stereotypes, however ageism can be experienced by all ages – and as an employer you need to consider them all.  Training and Development Training and development is often offered to younger
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