If you’re a recruiter celebrating the Christmas season, this may be a slow period for you. But it should also be a time to learn. So why not use any extra time to consider a few recruiting lessons from Santa Claus?

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The issues surrounding diversity in the workforce have been covered in depth. You know about them, and you know the benefits that your organization can reap through building diverse teams. You also know that If you work in a sector that is desperately short on talent — and you probably do — then you can’t afford to ignore, let alone turn off, potential recruits.

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When hiring managers demand that we must land truly exceptional candidates, recruiters need to realize that it takes much more than the standard candidate experience to really wow and excite them. Instead, you must provide white-glove treatment that leaves a powerful impression that convincingly demonstrates that your firm really is different.

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As a talent acquisition professional, you’re probably at least somewhat aware of pre-hire assessments, especially given that 82% of companies use them in their hiring process. Few, however, are using them in the right ways. That is, they are not truly investing in comprehensive assessment strategies based on best practices. Reasons include:

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