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Sometimes you win one

This big bank has its DR/BCP systems located across the river, and it decides to move the IT portion from one city to another several miles away, says pilot fish. The vendor in charge of this move says it’s going to take a few months to get the new comms lines up, and then it will

How blockchain will kill fake news (and four other predictions for 2020)

As blockchain’s hype cycle continues to befuddle many about its potential beyond  cryptocurrencies, businesses and governments are moving ahead with projects involving everything from digital identities to voting and supply chain tracking. Blockchain has slipped into the “Trough of Disillusionment” (see Gartner Hype Cycle), because it got ahead of its technical and operational maturity. As a result, interest


Pilot fish works in support for a software company, taking calls from users who are having problems with the company’s accounts-receivable product. One caller can’t find a company in the dropdown list, though it should be there; user has to add charges to that company’s account. Fish looks into it, and eventually it is discovered
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