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How Apple is already part of Industry 4.0

Apple has entered manufacturing infrastructure with its products seeing wide deployment as industrial technology moves into what’s called Industry 4.0 – connected systems augmented by AR and mobile solutions. Smart, connected machines The introduction of the iPhone and the subsequent debut of other advanced mobile devices acted as a clarion call. The ability to work

TD Ameritrade cuts email use by 30% after Slack rollout

Email has long been the go-to tool for internal communications. But ensuring the right information gets to the right employee can be challenging – particularly for companies with thousands of employees across different locations. At TD Ameritrade, email was central to corporate and team communications – and workers sometimes felt bombarded with messages not particularly

Sometimes you win one

This big bank has its DR/BCP systems located across the river, and it decides to move the IT portion from one city to another several miles away, says pilot fish. The vendor in charge of this move says it’s going to take a few months to get the new comms lines up, and then it will
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