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A flicker of excitement

Pilot fish is the non-IT IT guy for about 30 fellow cubicle farmers — the person the others turn to before calling IT with a problem. Comes one morning when fish is late, and one of his neighbors with a flickering CRT monitor can’t wait to ask for fish’s help. So when fish does arrive, he

What’s in the latest Chrome update?

Google last week issued Chrome 73, an update that added support for desktop “Progressive Web Apps” on Macs and consolidated settings – both old and new – that let users opt out of Google’s services. Chrome 73 also patched 60 vulnerabilities; security researchers who reported nine of them were paid a total of $13,500 in

3 areas worth watching in Android Q

Five days into its life, we’re still trying to figure out what Android Q is all about — what will come to define this latest Android release and end up having the most impact on us, as nose-breathing mammals who rely it on to power our cellular telephony gadgets. We won’t truly know Q’s defining

When Windows 10 feature upgrades collide

A pair of Windows 10 feature upgrades will soon collide, with one just beginning to get traction on PCs as its successor readies for release. It’s unclear how Microsoft will handle the dilemma, which traces its roots to the debacle last year when the company was forced to pull the fall feature upgrade after it
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