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Microsoft gives enterprises another 9 months to get off Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft today issued a support reprieve to Exchange Server 2010, saying it would continue to service the on-premises enterprise software for an extra nine months. “After investigating and analyzing the deployment state of an extensive number of Exchange customers, we have decided to move the end of Extended Support for Exchange Server 2010 from January

8 simple ways to clean data with Excel

Data comes in from an increasing number of sources these days. For decades, data stores were primarily built by good old data entry. But today we cull data from a range of sources including IoT devices, social media feeds, email, and other sources outside of traditional database platforms. That means the data isn’t always free

Now let me guess your password

This pilot fish IT guy gets a call from an irate client one day complaining (incorrectly) that we had changed his administrative password on his Windows 2000 server without his knowledge. “As I walked him through the logon process, I asked if the username in the login prompt was ‘Administrator,’ says fish. “His reply: “Oh,

Gartner sees blockchain as ‘transformational’ across industries – in 5 to 10 years

Research firm Gartner, whose past evaluations of blockchain have been conservative to say the least, expects the distributed ledger technology to transform the ways businesses operate in most industries within five to 10 years. Right now, however, blockchain for most industries remains mired between inflated industry expectations and general disillusionment with regard to how it

4 Google Assistant additions worth watching

Google Assistant may not be perfect, but goodness gracious, is it ever growing. Seems rarely a month goes by these days where Google doesn’t announce some new capability for its platform-defying (and, some would argue, platform-creating) virtual assistant. But Assistant’s most significant growth spurt may still be ahead of us. A handful of new and
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