Speck GrabTab Review: It’s a Flat-Packing PopSocket Alternative

Speck GrabTab cellphone holder and stand

If you like the idea of adding a stand and convenient handle to your phone but you’re not sold on the practically ubiquitous PopSocket or the bulkier ring stands like the iRing, the slim Speck GrabTab may be for you.

We’re not strangers to sticking stuff on our phones here at Review Geek, having previously looked at PopSockets, iRings, kickstands, and more.

The popularity of these products speaks to a simple need: people want a better way to securely hold their phone and to prop it up to watch video.

What It Is

Speck’s GrabTab is one of the newer entries to the market and takes a different approach than the PopSocket and similar products. Rather than sport a pop-out mushroom-like handle or a flip up ring, it’s an ultra-slim adhesive pad that has a slide up tab you slip your finger through.

The Speck GrabTab in three positions, closed, hand mode, and stand mode.

In addition to a little locking tab to keep it closed (the small rectangular cutout seen at the bottom of the GrabTab base in the photos above) there’s also another locking tab that keeps the GrabTab locked in the stand position if you push the loop all the way open.

Real World Use

The biggest question most people will have is simply “Is it better than a PopSocket?”—but the thing that sold us on the GrabTab wasn’t that it was better but that it was different.

If what you want out of a phone holder is a pop-up grip that is completely omnidirectional and you’re not concerned about wireless charging or that the pop-up holder isn’t the most stable stand in the world, the PopSocket is pretty great—especially if you don’t keep your phone in your pocket where the PopSocket prints oddly and makes it a hassle to pull the phone out.

And, to be sure, if the most important thing of all is that you can customize the crap out of your phone grip right up to putting your own face on it… well then the PopSocket is what you’re looking for.

Speck GrabTab in a handheld position
Jason Fitzpatrick

On the other hand, if you want a pop-up holder that keeps your phone firmly where you’re holding it with no sense that the phone is going to wiggle free or rotate out of your hand, sports a more stable stand, and doesn’t bulk up your pockets, the GrabTab is pretty appealing.

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