Onewheel’s Pint is a new and more portable electric rideable for novice riders, costs $950

At a small media event in New York City, Onewheel announced the Pint, a new single-wheeled electric rideable geared toward novice riders, urban commuters, and value-conscious buyers. It features a smaller, more commuter-friendly design anchored around three new features: the Maghandle (a fold-out magnetic carry handle), the Lightbar that serves as an LED notification and battery strip on the footrest, and a new optional dismount system for inexperienced riders, called Simplestop.

The Pint has a top speed of 16 mph and a range of 6-8 miles, locking it in as a short-distance commuter electric rideable. The Onewheel Pint’s standout feature is definitely Simplestop, and it’s designed specifically to build rider confidence. By stepping back…

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