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I have been asked by a client of ours who is looking to take a pool of 500 people, and whittle it down to 150 people, 75 of which meet a particular level of qualification and 75 who meet a lower standard.

This could be done via a survey with something like Survey Monkey or similar, but ideally the same platform that we will manage the recruits once they are selected. We need to put people (ideally automatically) into 3-4 categories.

Once we have these people, there will be some courses they need to complete which will require communication with those parties and scheduling to ensure everyone attends. We aren't really sure how this particular process would work or what functionality is available to manage this.

After all the courses are complete, communication is required with the 2 groups via text and email during the event as to what tasks they need to complete and where they need to be on specific days.

We will need to have recruits put into "groups" in a one to many relationship (IE 1 person could be a Groups A, B and D and others could be in A B C and we will need to communicate with those people via text message regularly once the event starts based on group membership. We don't anticipate 2 way communication being required.

We do need an ideally visual way to know which people are attending what courses, and some way to visually "tick" them off when they finish the courses (I guess adding them to a group). We may need to securely store proof of the courses being completed (especially first aid etc).

We need a platform for around 12 months, cost is a factor due to it being for a non-profit, but it needs to work. Training and support will almost certainly be required so we need a vendor who can provide some hand holding.

Cloud based is ok, web or whatever.

Please let me know if you aware of platforms which may be suitable to fill this role. Thanks

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