How to Make Your Profile in Social Media More Attractive

Are you a social media addict who runs accounts on multiple platforms? We bet you are because Facebook alone gathers almost 2.5 billion users, while other networks attract a couple more billions as well.

If you enjoy social networking as much as writing, you should probably ask yourself one question – how can I make my profiles more attractive? It is a really interesting issue, but we cannot answer it in just a line or two. There are many practical ways to do it, so keep reading to learn seven tips to design a standout social media profile.

  1. Use Your Real Name

Unless you are building some sort of a digital alter ego, you should display a full name across all social media accounts. It is the basic rule of social media engagement because it allows people who know you or want to get in touch to find you easily.

This tip is particularly important for self-published authors trying to spread the word about their books on the Internet. How come? Well, writers who don’t hide behind digital alter egos can hope to attract more audiences such as:

  • Readers

  • Book award committee members

  • Traditional publishers

  1. Don’t Forget to Write a Bio

Almost every social platform gives you the opportunity to write a little bit of something about yourself. Most people don’t use it, but you must be smarter than that and create a short but informative bio about your personal experiences.

Jake Gardner, a social media marketer at the top paper writing services review agency and nerdywriters, says the most important advice here is to add keywords to the social biography: “Doing so, you will help online searchers to find you based on personal interests, genres, or book titles. Besides that, you should create a brief bio using simple language and actionable style of writing.”

  1. Add a Good-Looking Profile Picture

One of the first things users notice when looking at your social media account is the profile picture, which is exactly why you need to choose it carefully. After all, it takes a good-looking profile image to make you look reliable and trustworthy.

The simplest (and often the best) solution is to upload a headshot. A nice example comes from Paulo Coelho, also known as one of the most successful writers of our era. You can follow his footsteps and rest assured the audience will consider your profile picture very attractive.

  1. Choose an Interesting Cover Photo

Social networks such as Facebook also allow you to upload a cover photo to supplement the profile. You should never leave it blank but rather seize the opportunity to add an interesting visual that reveals your style and personality.

Feel free to use an image that says more about who you really are or what you love to do. You should avoid controversial solutions, but don’t hesitate to experiment and use unusual photography. Of course, another option is to upload a cover of your latest novel to evoke interest and curiosity among followers.

  1. Show Your Interests

Another segment that enables social media users to present themselves to the wider public comes in the form of interests. This includes features such as movies, music, TV shows, check-ins, events, reviews, and many more.

Being a self-published author, this gives you a great chance to establish a deeper connection with followers, readers, publishing agents, etc. Interests make your profile more natural, so don’t be afraid of showing them to your friends and future connections.

  1. Post Quality Content

Social media content represents the essence of your profile. After all, social networks are communication channels built with the purpose to get users acquainted with each other and there is no better way to do it than to publish quality posts. In general, you should choose one of the following options and publish:

  • Informative posts

  • Opinion-based articles

  • Entertaining content

  • Educational posts

The best way to make your profile more attractive is to mix all of these elements and keep the followers engaged 365 days a year. It does take a lot of work to reach this level of consistency, but it will pay off in the long-term perspective.

  1. Beware of Privacy Settings

The last suggestion on our list is to take care of privacy settings and allow other users to see only what you want them to see. If your social profile serves business purposes, then you can set the privacy to public and allow potential readers to check it out completely.

On the other hand, personal accounts should remain locked and out of reach for the general public. If your only wish is to maintain relationships with the closest friends, then you should publicly reveal only the most impressive moments of your digital life.


Today, almost every individual has at least one social media account. It has become a natural part of our daily lives, so it’s better to take care of your profiles and make them more appealing in the eyes of the average follower.

In this article, we discussed seven highly practical ways to design a standout social media profile. Make sure to give them a shot and you will see the number of connections growing steadily!

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