How do you deal with ridiculous requirements for an open position?

11 Mar

How do you deal with ridiculous requirements for an open position?

It's been a few weeks and the manager I work with has "upped the bar" ridiculously hard and it's incredibly difficult to find appropriate candidates.

We're not even talking about an executive role here, we're looking for people for call center positions. We need the candidates to have sales experience in call centers, especially if it's outbound.

Last week I had my manager reject 5 good candidates because "He doesn't have that sales passion we're looking for". How the F am I supposed to measure how much "passion for sales" this guy has?!

I've tried talking to him, being reasonable. Even told him to lower the bar or there won't be any new hiring for a while, it's difficult as it is already as there's a lot of requisites the candidate has to match (English fluency, proper PC equipment, good internet speeds, etc) and any of them can go wrong and that's one less candidate for me. He shut me down completely and basically told me "I don't care how many CVs you go through, or how many get rejected. I just care for how many get hired".

I hate that this has turned into a numbers game for everyone, even for me as much as I try not to (we're recruiters, we deal with people, not numbers). But that single digit number is going to be my doom as my manager gets pissed as he sends an email to all the hiring team like "HURR DURR WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING 10 CANDIDATES EVERY WEEK??!!

No shit bro, you want both la creme de la creme when it comes to candidates and you want 10 of them while your pay is low and additional requirements are off the chart.

Sorry for the rant. Any tips?

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