How Can You Be Happier At Work?

Being constantly happy at work might not seem attainable however being happier certainly is! Follow these simple steps to become happier at work!

1.       Focus on personal development

Being good at your role doesn’t only make it easier but also make its more enjoyable. Take the time to develop yourself by continuously learning!  LinkedIn offer a great learning platform along with Google and HubSpot! If you’re not developing yourself, you are falling behind!!

Ask your employer to support you through learning too.  You’ll be surprised at how many great leaders encourage educational development.

2.       Establish what motivates you

Once you know what really motivates you can focus on doing tasks which are going to support your motivations.  You might not be able to do these tasks 100% of the day but you can focus more time on them.

3.       Take a break

Take some time out when things get too much – whether it’s a 15-minute walk down the road or a week on holiday, we all need time to recuperate and rebalance! Feeling refreshed will help you be your best at work!

4.       List your achievements

People are often unhappy at work because they don’t feel like they are making progress or a positive impact! List your achievements and read over them every time you’re not feeling at your happiest.  Reading what impact you have had will keep you motivated and uplifted.

5.       Look after yourself

Happiness starts within! Take care of yourself starting with a healthy diet and exercise – you’ll be amazed at how it boosts your mood in and outside of work.  Listen to your body and take 5 when you need to!

6.       Learn how to switch off

It’s very easy to take your laptop home and work through the evening – and this is fine every now and again, however it’s essential you have some time away from work and switch off.  Put some time aside to do thing you want to do every day! Whether it’s an hour in the gym or walking the dog.  Switch your phone and laptop off and have some ‘you time’.

7.       Stay away from negativity

Whether it’s certain people inside or outside the office, negative energy can have a major impact on your happiness!  Avoid these people and concentrate on staying positive.

8.       Communicate

The best way to stay happy within your role is to communicate! Say when you’re not happy so changes can be made to make you happy again.  There are always steps which can be taken to improve your happiness at work but no one can help you get there if you don’t say anything!

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