Harver is on the Way to Reinvent High-Volume Hiring with $15M Series B Funding

Harver is on the Way to Reinvent High-Volume Hiring with $15M Series B Funding
A leading pre-employment assessment platform Harver has raised $15M in Series B funding led
by Insight Partners, bringing the company’s total funding to $35M. The company with offices in
New York, Amsterdam, and London aims to digitally transform volume recruiting into an
enjoyable process for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates alike.
Through a combination of scientifically validated assessments and customized situational
judgment tests, companies can make data-driven hiring decisions and mitigate against
unconscious bias.
Recruiters and hiring managers see how the candidates’ skills and
characteristics match the role and the company, rather than having to make assumptions based
on their background or previous experience. With Harver, organizations can focus on assessing
characteristics that are truly predictive for success on the job.
Harver is helping clients like Booking.com, Zappos, and KPMG to manage large volumes of
applicants and, at the same time, provide an engaging candidate experience.
Besides applying on mobile, Harver also allows candidates to self-schedule interviews and receive updates on
their application process. As a result, recruiters and hiring managers save hours on pre-
screening, leaving them with more time for other, arguably more important tasks.
“In a reality where technology takes care of all the tedious work while removing biases,
recruiters can do what they love to do: build a true connection between the applicants and the
organization. Harver will provide this reality,” says Barend Raaff, CEO at Harver.
By automating parts of their recruitment process, organizations can significantly decrease the
time spent on filling their vacancies. One of the largest European supermarket chains, Albert
Heijn, reduced their time to hire by 40 percent after implementing Harver.
The company is planning to use the recent investment to further expand their product. The investment will
help more companies digitally transform their recruitment process, empowering recruiters and
hiring managers to make fast and data-driven hiring decisions.
“We have been at the forefront of recruitment innovation since the inception of our company. This investment will enable us to take another leap forward in eliminating bias from the recruitment process and create a level playing field
for all job seekers,” concludes Raaff.

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