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Hi, I'm keen to get into the recruitment sector, but have had no luck so far.

I lack university education, and have been working with vulnerable adults the past 9 years. I'm currently working full-time in this role, and would likely need to work for 30 days before I handed in my notice.

I've had 2 face to face interviews so far. The first was with a reputable company. They told me other candidates were more qualified. The second was with a very small recruitment agency, and it seemed a bit dodgy.

I've had a few phone interviews, but they always end in the 'talent acquisition manager's telling me they'll pass my CV on to the MDs, and if I'm successful will be called back to arrange a f2f interview. This never happens.

I believe I embody the traits required for the roles I am applying for, but I seem to be at the bottom of the pile.

Could anyone suggest any advice, or perhaps direct me to a place where I should be soliciting advice from?

Happy to share my CV (parts redacted obviously)


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