Client Stealing Candidates?

I created this account just so I could get in touch with other recruiters and discuss this issue that my office is currently having with one of our clients. We're a staffing agency, and typically we find employees for clients and they remain our employees, are paid through our systems, etc etc except for this one client. They're currently our biggest client.

What they do is direct hire, but we find them their guys. So essentially we're just paid a head-hunting fee for finding them the people and they're responsible for them otherwise after that. But lately the client has been directly contacting our employees once we've submitted their information in order to set them up with interviews themselves and hire them on their own time, essentially stealing these guys out from under us so they don't have to pay the headhunting fee and don't report that they've hired these guys to us. We've actually contacted a few of our guys to check in with them and see if they're interested in work (for this client or for others), only to be told they've been brought on by that particular client already. Is this normal? Is this a thing? How can we go about handling this?

Sorry for the spam if this isn't alright to post, but thank you for any advice or input, it's much appreciated.

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