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28 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know

I’m sure most Mac users know Command-C means copy and Command-V means paste, but there’s a host of other useful shortcuts that make a Mac user’s life much easier. I’ve assembled this short collection to illustrate this truth: Esc Never underestimate the power of the Esc key to get you out of trouble. Say you’re

A Great Update to Google Sites – Review Changes Before Publishing

Earlier this week I wrote about how I’m having my students use Google Sites as digital portfolios. Right after that I published that post Google announced a few helpful updates to Google Sites. Then… Read the whole entry at »               Related Stories Google Sites as Digital Portfolios Three Google Sites Updates to Note 5

Top 5 Areas Where Companies Want IoT Solutions

Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are widespread. Technology gurus say it’s billions and billions of connected devices that make IoT so ubiquitous and powerful. Regardless of the greatness of IoT, the question should be how much of it is relevant to enterprises. Here are the top five areas where companies want IoT Solutions. Consumer

Firefox Accessibility Options

After yesterday’s post about tools for improving the accessibility of websites, slides, and videos I got some feedback from readers who noted that I didn’t mention anything about Firefox. That wasn’t… Read the whole entry at »               Related Stories Tools to Improve the Accessibility of Websites, Videos, and Slides How to Find Historical Comics

HSBC’s plan to move $20B in assets to blockchain could be a watershed moment

Investment bank HSBC Holdings is using a blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) to digitize transaction records of private investments, enabling clients globally to access the details of their assets online in near real-time. The London-based company, the seventh largest bank in the world, plans to move $20 billion in assets that include equity, debt and

Shell game

Pilot fish is working for a client at the same time that a consulting firm is developing a new system for the support team. And fish is nearby when the job fails during one of the early production runs. The support staff looks it over, but is quickly lost, so fish is called on for
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