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Storms on Jupiter throw up ammonia from deep inside its atmosphere

Jupiter is famous for its epic storms and beautiful cloud formations which give it is distinctive stripey appearance. However, these clouds make it difficult for astronomers to see what lies in the atmosphere beneath. Now, a team of astronomers has peered deep into the planet’s atmosphere using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). from Emerging

The Only Problem with Cloud Cameras Is the Cloud

Amazon, Sabphoto/Shutterstock Cloud-connected cameras are convenient and easy to use. They’re also chock-full of features that (obviously) use the cloud, which can be problematic. Before you purchase one, you should know the benefits and pitfalls. The Problem Is the Cloud Two great doorbells, but their best features are locked to the cloud. Google, Amazon Google,

Hackers are actively trying to steal passwords from two widely used VPNs

(credit: xxdigipxx) Hackers are actively unleashing attacks that attempt to steal encryption keys, passwords, and other sensitive data from servers that have failed to apply critical fixes for two widely used virtual private network (VPN) products, researchers said. The vulnerabilities can be exploited by sending unpatched servers Web requests that contain a special sequence of
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