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6 Recruitment Challenges and How to Solve Them

Many businesses today are discovering there is a talent shortage in the market. In spite of their best efforts to connect with the right employees for their company, many businesses find it’s difficult—if not impossible—to find ideal employees. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle recruitment alone. With these strategies, you can avoid common recruitment challenges Read more

Top Global Trends in IT Consulting Landscape

Global IT consulting is such a huge industry that it’s estimated to be worth over $250 billion in 2016. There are many reasons for the year-on-year growth but digital technology, mergers and consolidation, and effectiveness are among the major drivers of the industry. Let’s explore more from Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

The Cost of Not Having a Modern Hiring Practice

When you think about why startups fail, what comes to mind? Lack of market value? Unsuccessful funding? If so, you’d be right. But just as important to startup success is having the right people on board to execute a company’s vision and strategy. from Lever blog

Who Am I? A Recruiter Brand Story

    A funny thing happened sometime in the last ten years. You can blame the Internet, Millennials or whoever you want, but the facts don’t lie: brand, branding or whatever you want to call it has become a big deal. And we’re not talking about some lame corporate re-brand, a new logo is not Read more

Let’s talk about failure

How do you guys handle reqs that don't fill, offers that get rejected by the candidate, and/or an overall slump/drop-off in placements over an extended period of time? Every time I have a bad stretch I start to question everything. Have you guys put certain parameters in place to minimize misses? Talk to me, peeps! Read more