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Movie Review: Arjun Patiala

Movie Review: Arjun Patiala Comedy is an established genre in Bollywood. Since audiences are now ready for hatke stuff, filmmakers are constantly trying to push the boundaries in the existing genres too. This Friday coincidentally sees the release of two such films, although both the movies are as different as chalk and cheese. While JUDGEMENTALL

Movie Review: Super 30

Movie Review: Super 30 Overpopulation is one of the biggest ills plaguing the country. The number of people in this country vis-à-vis the education institutes available are fairly disproportionate. As a result, lakhs of students every year have to struggle and study hard in order to get a few thousand seats in elite educational institutes.

Movie Review: Article 15

Movie Review: Article 15 One of the burning issues of the country is the caste system. Despite relevant laws and provisions, one can’t deny that the discrimination of various communities continue with alarming regularity. At times, it manifests into shocking crimes. The political class takes advantage of these conflicts and it further creates a divide.

Movie Review: Game Over

Movie Review: Game Over Video games are an inherent part of the lives of many. In today’s times, it’s not uncommon to see people playing games on their smartphones as a stressbuster or as a hobby for long hours. Hollywood has made films where these games are the USP like JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE
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