मध्य प्रदेश में एक छात्रा के सुसाइड का हैरान करने वाला मामला सामने आया है। टिकमगढ़ जिला मुख्यालय से करीब 55 किलोमीटर दूर थरबराना गांव में कथित तौर पर अज्ञात लड़कों द्वारा अपना जन्मदिन मनाने और डीजे…

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US’ move to place Pakistan on a list of countries violating religious freedoms was termed as ‘unilateral and arbitrary’ by the Imran Khan-led country on Tuesday. The US has re-designated Pakistan and China among seven other countries that are of particular concern for violation of religious freedom, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday. Pakistan and China along with Myanmar, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan were placed in the list for having engaged in or tolerated “systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom.”

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Horoscope Today पंडित के ए दूबे पद्मेश बता रहे हैं कैसा रहेगा आपका 25 दिसंबर 2019 का दिन। जाने आज का सारा हाल अपने राशिफल के अनुसार।

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सरकार की कोशिश है कि जल्द मेथेनॉल ब्लेंडेड ईंधन को बाजार में लाया जाए. ऐसा होने पर 1 लीटर पेट्रोल की कीमत 10 रुपये प्रति लीटर तक कम हो सकती हैं. जानिए उन देशों के बारे में जहां पेट्रोल की कीमतें बेहद कम हैं.

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folding cartons

The worldwide demand for folding cartons is increasing, and with this increase comes the need for further innovation within the industry. Market demands are driving technological advances in folding cartons, reshaping the market to fit new trends. Consumer preferences are always evolving. Expectations have changed. Here are five trends reshaping the folding carton industry.

New technology and evolving consumer and market needs are trends reshaping the folding carton industry. From the need to meet environmental standards, fight counterfeit products, create eye-catching products.

Much is to be done to prevent contamination and integrate with broad technological trends, folding cartons are changing everything from production processes to materials used.

The desire for environmentally-friendly services and products continues to grow at the same time that new regulations are put into place to avoid counterfeit products. These challenges, as well as changes to printing techniques and industry requirements, create an ever-evolving landscape for folding cartons.

Internet of All Things — Smart Packaging

Traditional folding cartons are also seeing the impact of broader technological trends, such as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Industries as diverse as transportation, healthcare, and public utilities are investing in this growing trend, and an astonishing 94% of businesses implementing IoT’s into their business have seen ROI.

Embedding digital technology into packaging allows for a variety of innovations that would have been unimaginable even ten years ago. Asset management, product tracking, quality control, and direct communication with customers can all be a part of folding cartons in the future.

Placing sensors into products and packaging can help aggregate information, providing never before seen data sets to help create more effective industry strategies. Beverage companies, for example, are capable of embedding digital content into their packaging to offer services and provide product information.

Anti-Counterfeit and Security Measures

Counterfeit products account for a large amount of the global black market. Scammers and criminals can mimic designs and packaging to deceive consumers and retard growth for legitimate business. Advances in the folding carton industry are catching up with counterfeiters and adding a layer of security to the global markets.

An area of growing concern is the pharmaceutical market. Concerns about product tampering throughout the supply chain, as well as counterfeiting of products, has led to the implementation of stricter global regulations in the form of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU.

This directive regulates the manufacturing, importing, and wholesale distribution of medicinal products within the EU, and has impacts for package makers throughout the supply chain.

Folding cartons now see demand for innovations such as 2D data matrix codes, tamper evidence fixtures, and potentially RFID technology. RFID labels are capable of first-open sensors that interface with smart technology, recording information such as temperature recordings and whether or not the package was opened.

Embedding anti-counterfeit and security measures into the folding carton process will continue to be a growing area of need.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Globally, markets are adopting more environmentally friendly techniques and products. Consumer demands are shifting in many areas, which require an evolution in the way folding cartons are developed and distributed. This evolution has most directly impacted the materials used for folding cartons.

Pressure from brands and consumers is leading to more eco-friendly carton materials. One of the most innovative trends comes in the form of non-wood pulp materials. Manufacturers are leaning into raw materials such as cocoa beans, hazelnuts and edamame beans as a substitute for conventional materials. Hot melt adhesives used to join packaging materials are likewise made from biodegradable and recyclable material.

One industry seeing a significant change is the beverage market, which accounts for 23.0% of the carton shipments, or 1.11 million tons (see: keystoneparts.com). The market has moved away dramatically from plastic packaging and towards renewable cardboards. Improvements in decorative carton-based multipacks see more environmentally-friendly solutions come to the fore.

Food Safety Advancements

Concerns of contaminants absorbing through packaging to food products and causing widespread food contamination is an increasing area of interest among food safety experts. The growing awareness of this issue is leading the folding carton process to adopt a range of safety options for the industry.

Improvements to the techniques applied during curtain coating and advancements in water-based coatings show that the industry is responding to these needs. The movement towards alternative packaging and away from expanded polystyrene is also serving this purpose.

The application of ink coatings during the printing process can create a well-designed, consumer-friendly product for the consumer. However, potential cross-contamination during this process, or from outer packaging, has been a growing concern. Evolving processes contain this issue using new technology, which provides a barrier to prevent contaminants from entering the food product.

Improved Printing and Decorating Techniques

While environmentally-friendly, contaminant-free and secure folding cartons serve a growing need, the end-user also requires an attractive, eye-catching product. Improvements to the folding carton industry have evolved in this area as well, particularly as new printing techniques emerge.

New printing technologies mean more colors and more finishes to meet consumer needs and better match brand identity. Digital printing in the form of laser and inkjet printers has improved to the point that the economics of the industry has changed. Higher quality graphics can now be produced at lower costs due to manufacturing advancements.

Special features such as hot foil stamping and registered embossing can also be included at lower costs when manufacturing folding cartons. This is now done without expensive tooling costs during short-runs. The result is a better quality product at an economical price, opening up folding cartons as an option of short-run products.

The evolution of these new techniques and features opens up new markets for the folding carton industry. Short-run projects mean that smaller producers, such as artisanal food providers, craft beers, distillers, and craft products, are now viable markets for folding cartons.

Reshaping Folding Cartons for Years to Come

The growth of technology will continue to evolve the way folding cartons are created and used. The need to keep us with evolving trends will change the market. Consumer expectations, unexpected technological advancements and continually shifting regulatory standards will shape folding cartons in the coming years.

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ai and customer experience

 Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in technology, and its application cutting across all fields. It’s all about technology mimicking biological intelligence. Here are three ways tech startups are using AI to revolutionize customer experience.

Customer experience is becoming the hallmark of business growth.

Tesla’s self-driven cars, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, albeit popular are but a few examples of AI’s applications.

AI varies widely, from algorithmic trading in finance. We see medical diagnosis in healthcare, sentiment, or emotion recognition in marketing and advertising, and customer service. AI reaches use in Human resources (HR), agriculture, robotics, natural language processing, voice or speech recognition, and many other businesses and industries.

AI has transformed the customer experience greatly in the sense that it is able to predict consumer behavior, gage emotions, and sentiments of customers.

AI can ensure 24/7 customer service available to provide users with an intuitive and engaging experience, and also help businesses make informed decisions by providing their employees with intelligence to easily perform tasks.

On that note, here are three ways tech start-ups are changing the ways we relate with service providers digitally.

  1. Consumer Sentiments

Other’s opinions of a product influence our view of it. According to statistics,63.6% of consumers said they would most likely Google reviews before visiting a business. 94% of them said that online reviews assured them to avoid a specific market.

The act of avoiding a market shows how consumer opinions affect businesses. However, many businesses still haven’t been able to utilize consumer sentiment data efficiently.

Revuze, a New York City-based start-up, has developed an algorithm that analyses customer opinion.

Revuze takes information from various sources such as social media, e-mails, online reviews, surveys, and data that is collected by call centers. Many other businesses, both online and offline, thereby eliminating the need for traditional surveys that require specific surveys conducted from a single study or a couple of studies.

The algorithm monitors keywords and can decipher the context in which it is being used to estimate the user’s sentiments.

It uses this information to identify trends and topics from unstructured data. This provides businesses with information about consumer’s opinions on their products in real-time. Compared to traditional methods where it takes a while to gather and process the information needed.

Revuze’s solution is indeed revolutionary as it helps businesses to improve and provide a better insight into customer experience, and it changes the way businesses assess consumer’s perception of their products and services, and it is a self-service platform that requires no involvement of IT experts.

  1. Personalized Ads

Do you ever wonder why you receive ads for an item you just thought you needed when you surf the net, or from a site you just visited when sending an e-mail? Personalized ads deliver content to customers based on their recent online activities.

Compared to traditional means of marketing where products and services being advertised may not be relevant to those viewing it. Personalized ads directly target the interests of those viewing it based on demographic data gathered. The varied information includes such collected data such as gender, area of residence, age bracket, income bracket, likes, political leanings, race, shares, and many others.

Spirable is a tech startup that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized video ads.

To generate these video ads, data is dynamically connected into user-friendly video templates, and its data feeds include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data.

  • Personal information data includes purchase data, website activity, service usage data.
  • Preferences like social audience data (such as audience persona, behaviors, interests, and preferences).
  • Location data (such as location stores, weather forecasts, pollen levels, UV levels, and markets).
  • Live contextual data (such as live sports, trending events, stock levels, live travel date, time, and date).

These data feeds tailor the content of the ads to the customer’s preferences based on events happening around them in real-time to provide the right message at the right time.

  1. Consumer Behaviour

The popularity of virtual assistants has contributed to how we purchase goods and services online. According to statistics, 54% of consumers said that digital assistants have played a huge role in simplifying their lives.

  • 65% of consumers who have virtual assistants use them for a lot of purposes besides communication.
  • 50% of them use it to surf the net, obtain weather forecasts, and stream music.
  • 37% use it to check messages, e-mails and traffic reports while the rest use it to obtain information and shop online.

This goes to show the influence of virtual assistants on our daily lives. Based on personal data and artificial intelligence algorithms, these virtual assistants are able to anticipate customer behavior. They are thus predicting what users need in order to provide service and product recommendations.

Tact.ai is a tech start-up located in Sunnyvale which developed a digital assistant for sales teams.

Through the use of Artificial intelligence, the Tact sales assistant integrates customer data from multiple sources. Using such data as CRM, e-mails, calendars, LinkedIn, Zendesk, OneDrive, Box and legacy databases. Creating a frictionless experience for businesses, Tact.ai can increase sales, productivity, drive revenue growth, and improve the user experience.


Artificial Intelligence is a booming market because of its dependence on a large amount of exploitable data easily available from multiple digital channels.

Through the development of machine learning (ML) algorithms that are tailored to efficiently maximize the usage of data AI applications are limitless. Its role in improving the customer experience online has however changed the marketing for the better.

Customers derive satisfaction from purchasing goods and services than ever before due to algorithms that express empathy, apply humor, show understanding, and respect. These attributes build trust and establishing loyalty.

Also, employee efficiency is increased as repetitive tasks are automated and they are fed with predictions to enable them to make sound judgment when engaging customers.

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Let’s talk about grit. We hope you’ve been following our podcast series from HRTech 2019, where RecruitingDaily and Talemetry team up to ask some of the top industry leaders what their thoughts are on the future of hiring. We’re learning what they think the hottest and most sought after skills and competencies will be in the year 2025. In our […]

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Filmmaker Sandeep Reddy Vanga gained popularity after his successful debut as a director with the Telugu film Arjun Reddy. While the film did exceptionally well and made Vijay Deverakonda a big star, the Hindi remake of the film garnered backlash for its misogyny. However, despite the backlash, Kabir Singh did exceptionally well at the box office and has now made Sandeep Reddy Vanga a go-to director for several actors.

Prabhas replaces Ranbir Kapoor in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Devil?

A few months ago there were reports that Ranbir Kapoor has signed Sandeep’s next film titled Devil, which is a dark thriller. However, there is a buzz in the industry that Baahubali star Prabhas has replaced Ranbir Kapoor. Prabhas who has dominantly worked in Telugu cinema became a pan-India face with the success of the Baahubali franchise. The actor was last seen in the multi-lingual film Saaho and is currently shooting for Jaan. Starring the gorgeous Pooja Hegde as the leading lady, the period romantic-drama will reportedly portray the protagonist as a palm reader. Directed by  Radha Krishna Kumar, the first schedule of the film has already been wrapped up in the exotic locations of Italy.

Reports suggest that Prabhas has also expressed a desire to collaborate with Sandeep Reddy Vanga. The Mirchi actor was reportedly impressed by the storyline and screenplay narrated by the Kabir Singh maker. Apparently, T Series and Mythri Movie Makers are expected to join hands for bankrolling the crazy combination.

As for Ranbir Kapoor, the actor has reportedly walked out of the film for reasons yet unknown. Initially, Sandeep had approached Mahesh Babu for the film, but the actor found the film too dark for his taste and for his audience’s taste.

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Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan are two of the biggest stars of Bollywood and are also the most bankable actors. The two had united for films like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Jaan-e-maan in the past. While the two have managed to break box office records with their films, the two actors will now be clashing at the box office during Eid 2020. Salman Khan announced that his film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai will be released on Eid 2020. On the other hand, Akshay Kumar’s Laxxmi Bomb is also slated to release on the same day.

Akshay Kumar says he has soft spot for Salman Khan and would like to collaborate for Mujhse Shaadi Karogi 2

In a recent interview, Akshay Kumar expressed his fondness for Salman Khan despite the social media war that their respective fans are engaging in. Akshay Kumar said that he has always loved Salman Khan and has a soft spot for him. He further said that he would like to reunite with Salman Khan in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi 2. Akshay exclaimed that it is a great idea and director Sajid Nadiadwala should definitely plan the sequel.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Akshay Kumar will next be seen in the film Good Newwz which will be his fourth release of the year. The film also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, and Kiara Advani and is slated to release on December 27.  The actor will also be seen in Laxmmi Bomb, Prithviraj, and Sooryavanshi in 2020.

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Kajol has been in the film industry for over two decades and continues to shine on screen with her performance. While there is a wave of remakes and sequels in Bollywood, Kajol is not a fan of this idea. Talking to a daily, Kajol said that there have been remakes of Golmaal, Dabangg, Housefull, and others but one cannot expect a sequel or remake of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Kajol believes that it is a gimmick to make remakes and sequels

Kajol said that all her films have been unique and distinctive and it isn’t possible to recreate the same magic once again. Kajol has been part of iconic films like Baazigar, DDLJ, Ishq among others. The actress feels that it is a gimmick to make a part two of a film as it loses the essence. Kajol feels that when a performer tries to replicate a character, it is seldom a fail. She further said that even if one tries to recreate one’s own self it becomes a caricature. Kajol further clarifies saying that it is her personal belief and means no harm to any sequels and remakes that are coming up.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Kajol will next be seen in Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior and will be seen reuniting with Ajay Devgn on screen after 11 years. Directed by Om Raut, the period drama is slated to hit the cinemas on January 10, 2020. Ajay Devgn plays the role of Subhedar Tanaji Malusare while Kajol will be seen as his wife Savitribai Malusare.

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Let’s talk about grit. We hope you’ve been following our podcast series from HRTech 2019, where RecruitingDaily and Talemetry team up to ask some of the top industry leaders what their thoughts are on the future of hiring. We’re learning what they think the hottest and most sought after skills and competencies will be in the year 2025. In our […]

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बिहार डीएलएड 2020 परीक्षा के लिए आवेदन की अंतिम तिथि आगे बढ़ा दी गई है। पहले आवेदन की अंतिम तिथि 24 दिसंबर 2019 थी।

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