Author: Deepak Jain

नरिंदर बत्रा ने FIG से कहा, जीएफआई अध्यक्ष के पास जिम्नास्टिक के लिए समय नहीं

आईओए (IOA) प्रमुख ने साथ ही वैश्विक संस्था से अपील की कि वे जीएफआई (GFI) के संचालन मुद्दे पर गौर करे. from Latest News अन्य देश News18 हिंदी

The False Choice Between Privacy and Safety in Smart Surveillance

Is there a real choice between privacy and safety in surveillance? As artificial intelligence continues to advance, we’ve seen an increased focus on privacy. A 2019 report from the American Civil Liberties Union contains an ominous warning: Artificial intelligence-enabled video surveillance will soon compromise our civil liberties in a dangerous way. Consider a false choice between

Train to be an in-demand DevOps pro for just $39

Tech companies are always looking for more ways to increase efficiency, and today, DevOps is the way they’re doing it. For the uninitiated, DevOps is a series of practices that brings software development teams together with IT operations professionals so they may create products that are both reliable and efficient. If you want to work
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