Agency owner moving in-house

After 20 years of owning my own recruitment agency in the UK, I'm considering a move to an in-house Senior Talent Acquisition role.

There's a number of reasons, but some of them include: not enjoying the hassle of the business admin side, not wanting the hassle of business development anymore and wanting to have a more vested interest in the successful hires. Also, now my children are teens, I don't absolutely need the same amount of flexibility in hours that I currently enjoy.

My fear is this; while I'm an excellent, ethical and knowledgeable recruiter (and can turn my hand to a wide variety of disciplines), I know nothing of recruitment strategy, HR, in-house processes etc. I have a highly recommended LinkedIn profile, an ability to learn skills quickly, and feel I'd add plenty from my own perspective, but I'm still concerned that I'd still be viewed as a glorified resourcer!

Give me some hope here. Tell me I can move into a relatively senior role and I'm not going to have to take a huge step down to make that move.

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