Add MagSafe Charging to Your MacBook Pro with These Cables and Adapters

The Knaive magnetic USB-C adapter

Apple’s MagSafe chargers were honestly wonderful. When tripped over, these old magnetic cables would break away from your MacBook, saving you from an expensive accident. Despite Apple’s move to USB-C, you can still add MagSafe-styled charging to your MacBook Pro.

And don’t worry, these products won’t take away your beloved 87-watt fast-charging. They’re built specifically for MacBooks, and they’re often just as cheap as regular USB-C cables. Some of them even facilitate data transfer, USB-C hubs, and USB-C accessories, so you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of USB-C.

Of course, these products work only with USB-C equipped MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and other laptops with USB-C charging ports.

What to Look for in MagSafe-Styled Chargers

A Lefon basic breakaway cable and an Upmely USB-C magnetic adapter.
Lefon, Upmely

MagSafe-styled chargers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are just basic breakaway USB-C cables that have a magnetic tip, and others are adapters that fit on the end of a typical USB-C cable.

Both of these options require you to leave a magnetic USB-C “nub” inside your laptop’s USB-C port. For MacBook Pro users (with two USB-C ports), this isn’t a big issue. You can still use your other port for external drives, USB-C hubs, and USB-C display cables.

But if you’re trying to add MagSafe charging to a basic MacBook, a laptop with only one USB-C port, or an iPad, then we suggest buying a MagSafe adapter. Since these adapters fit at the end of USB-C cables, you can easily swap them out for a USB-C accessory on the fly.

A few small details to look out for: Some cables and adapters are limited at 60-watt charging, but the MacBook Pro is capable of charging at 87 watts (the basic MacBook maxes out at 60). Also, some cables and adapters don’t support data transfer, and others are non-reversible, which means they can only be connected from one direction.

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, let’s dive into the best MagSafe-styled USB-C cables and adapters.

Basic Breakaway USB-C Cables

The Elecjet and Griffin breakaway cables.
ELECJET, Griffin

Again, basic breakaway USB-C cables are great for adding MagSafe-style charging to all of your USB-C powered devices. They’re usually smaller and cheaper than breakaway USB-C adapters, but they aren’t great for laptops with a single USB-C port because they can be hard to swap out for USB-C hubs or accessories.

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