8chan gets back online—and is promptly forced off again

Illustration of a sideways 8 that's been broken into pieces.

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8chan was back online this week—albeit with a new name—three months after the site was essentially kicked off the public Internet. 8Chan is now called 8kun and located at 8kun.net. (In Japanese, “chan” is generally an honorific for children while “kun” is generally an honorific for young adults.)

We were able to access the site this morning but it’s offline again now around mid-day. 8chan administrator Ron Watkins previously warned that DDoS attacks and people protesting against 8chan’s re-emergence could cause problems.

“Not sure how long we will be able to stay online with clearnet due to activists trying to deplatform us, and hackers preparing to ddos us. The tor hidden service should remain available regardless,” Watkins wrote on Twitter Saturday. 8kun was also available on Loki, which Watkins described as an experimental alternative to Tor.

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