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Enlarge / This listing image is slightly hyperbolic—Nginx co-founders Sosoev and Konovalov didn’t do time in jail, they were “just” detained and interrogated at gunpoint in their homes at 7am local time. (credit: Ken Mayer / Flickr)

Maxim Konovalov and Igor Sysoev—founders and creators of the popular Web server software Nginx—were arrested, detained, and interrogated last Thursday. Sysoev’s former employer, Rambler—Russia’s third-largest Internet company, which occupies a roughly similar position in Russian-language Internet to Yahoo or AOL at their height in the English-speaking world—alleged that it owned the rights to Nginx’s source code, due to Sysoev having originally developed it while an employee at Rambler.

In an interview with—a news site focusing on Russian and former Soviet Union reporting—founder Konovalov decried Rambler’s move as “a typical racket, simple as that,” and he went on to state that no attempt had been made to negotiate with or even notify him or Sysoev before the raid happened. Their first indication of a problem came with the police raids which detained the two, seized IT equipment from them, and interrogated them early that morning. Konovalov described the raid as “professional and polite, if you exclude the fact that special forces agents were standing around with automatic weapons… then there were interrogations. Generally speaking, the questions weren’t particularly interesting or pleasant.”

Konovalov characterized the move as a money-grabbing shakedown from the current leadership at Rambler, inspired by Nginx’s $670 million acquisition by American tech giant F5 Networks approximately six months earlier.

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With today’s technology, you would think filling job openings with top talent would be easy, but that’s not always the case. A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) showed that more than two-thirds of organizations have difficulty recruiting qualified talent for open positions. While it’s true that the number of job seekers continues to grow, it’s also true that the unemployment rate is relatively low. 

This abundance of openings creates more competition for organizations recruiting from the same talent pool. Therefore, it is critical for your organization to develop strategies through which you can set your organization apart and increase the number of qualified applicants applying for your jobs. To do this, consider the following attention-grabbing methods you can employ to make your organization stand out.

Create a Positive Brand Image

Your organization’s brand image doesn’t just influence how your customers feel about your brand, it also influences the feelings of potential job candidates. Your brand image is made up of a collection of beliefs, ideas, impressions, and interactions a person has with your brand. Due to the variety of factors involved, it’s not always possible to control everything that someone feels about your brand. It is therefore important to make sure you positively influence the parts that you do control. 

To create a positive brand image, deliver a consistent message. Communicate a vision that coincides with your company’s culture and the products or services you provide. Clearly convey what working for your organization is like and the impact one can make by being employed at your company. The more favorably your organization is viewed, the more likely it is that job seekers will seek you out first in their job hunt.

Optimize Job Ads

Job descriptions exist to provide potential candidates with insight as to what they will be doing on a day-to-day basis. Each job description should feature a comprehensive overview of the position. Write a job description rich in relative keywords that will help make the page rank higher on search platforms. At the same time, descriptions shouldn’t be “stuffed” with key words or so vague that job seekers find them difficult to understand. Global employment website, Monster, reports that nearly 60 percent of job seekers won’t apply for a job if they notice company-specific jargon or acronyms in descriptions.

While job descriptions should provide an accurate account of responsibilities, they should also spark an interest. To avoid listing out a number of monotonous duties that aren’t particularly appealing to job seekers but are nonetheless important to the role, consider automating them within your organization first, to make the position more desirable. Certain technologies, like process automation software, are great for taking over time-consuming, repetitive duties that have traditionally bogged down employees’ schedules. This helps you position the job as one that requires more creative thinking and high-level decision making in place of less fulfilling responsibilities. This can separate you from other organizations with similar job openings and make the role more efficient at the same time.

Draw Attention to Benefits

If you’re looking to attract and retain top talent, you’ll want to take a serious look at what benefits your organization is offering. According to Glassdoor’s 2015 Employment Confidence Survey, about 60 percent of employees reported that benefits and perks are a major factor when considering whether or not to accept a job offer. The survey also found that 80 percent of employees would prefer additional benefits over a pay raise. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean,however, your organization will have to shell out thousands in order to make it a more ideal place to work. New research suggests that, apart from better health insurance, most employees prefer low cost benefits, such as flexible hours, more paid time off, and remote working options. Integrating such benefits will end up costing your company relatively little but can work wonders in terms of making it stand out from the crowd.

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Valance is a free people search site for African American professionals. This can be a great place to find candidates however a lot of recruiter do not search here. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple search with some extras, and a whole lot of website searching


So to source within Valance you simply need to use a skill known as xraying, like the one below. designer


If you run the strings above in google you will get the results below.

Now once you open up a list just click on a profile and follow the bread crumbs. Though there is only 1 results keep in mind when you click on it there will be many candidates and then you just click on their profile and walla.


If you need more info on X-raying see my blog post


See my YouTube video on x-raying


Until next week, may the source be with you!

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The future of talent acquisition is very similar to the history of agriculture – we have to start now and plant the seeds of our future labor force….

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A crew of 20 Indians aboard the oil tanker MV Duke has been kidnapped by pirates in Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. V Ships Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd., managers of the oil/chemical product tanker Duke, reported that contact was lost with the vessel in the early hours of Monday morning.

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A closeup of the letters


ICANN is reviewing the pending sale of the .org domain manager from a nonprofit to a private equity firm and says it could try to block the transfer.

The .org domain is managed by the Public Internet Registry (PIR), which is a subsidiary of the Internet Society, a nonprofit. The Internet Society is trying to sell PIR to private equity firm Ethos Capital.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) said last week that it sent requests for information to PIR in order to determine whether the transfer should be allowed. “ICANN will thoroughly evaluate the responses, and then ICANN has 30 additional days to provide or withhold its consent to the request,” the organization said.

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A crew of 20 Indians aboard the oil tanker MV Duke has been kidnapped by pirates in Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. V Ships Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd., managers of the oil/chemical product tanker Duke, reported that contact was lost with the vessel in the early hours of Monday morning.

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A crew of 20 Indians aboard the oil tanker MV Duke has been kidnapped by pirates in Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. V Ships Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd., managers of the oil/chemical product tanker Duke, reported that contact was lost with the vessel in the early hours of Monday morning.

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These are the stories that defined Apple in 2019:

Apple’s Tim Cook delivered a product blitz

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook kept his commitment to “major launches” across the year, including hardware, software and services. 2019 saw the company introduce (or upgrade):

iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 (and ECG app), Apple Card, AirPods, AirPods Pro, the seventh-generation iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, 16-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Research app, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, macOS Catalina, iOS 13, iPad OS, tvOS 13, watchOS 6, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, iPod touch, Siri Shortcuts.

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Ajay Devgn is starring in Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior as Tanaji Malusare. The actor released a new trailer on Monday and even was part of a panel on Agenda AajTak in Delhi. This past weekend, a petition was filed against the makers of the film in Delhi High Court.

Ajay Devgn speaks on petition filed against Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior and unrest due to Citizenship Amendment Act

Speaking up on the issue, Ajay said, “Ek toh communities itni hai ki koi na koi hurt ho hi jayega. Then there are those who do it for fame. The genuine ones, you can still have a conversation with. But at the end of the day, we will never be able to make everyone happy.”

Kajol, who was also at panel, agreed with Ajay and said, “I agree with Ajay, we cannot make everyone happy. It’s a choice you have to make and stick to it.”

When asked about his views on the current state of affairs in the different parts of the country and the violence that has erupted, Ajay said, “This is a democracy. The establishment has an opinion, and there are those who do not agree with that opinion. Everyone should have the right to express their opinion. Violence is not the answer. Instead of fighting, things should be settled amicably, so that the aam janta doesn’t suffer.”

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, directed by Om Raut, is releasing on January 10, 2020.

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Smoking is injurious to health. But it can be for your pocket also if one is not careful. A UK smoker learnt his lesson the hard way as he blew off his car windscreen and ended up with a damaged vehicle after lighting a cigarette. He was lucky to escape and tell the tale — of his stupidity.

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हर कोई जानना चाहता है कि नववर्ष 2020 में उसकी किस्मत के तारे क्या कहते हैं? आइए ज्योतिषाचार्य पं राजीव शर्मा से जानते हैं मिथुन का वार्षिक राशिफल।

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